Chang Tai Weave Co., Ltd. was established in 1974. It the first professional weaving company in Taiwan that has successfully developed a high tenacity woven mesh fabric. Our excellent quality and timely delivery are recognized by domestic and international customers, such as Nanya Plastic, FRG. and Intex, with whom we have had a long term business relationship.
With the idea of vertically integrated industries, Ms. Shih, the President of Chang Tai, invested in two sets of laminating machines which can make products in 2.8 meter width. These products can be used as sunshade canvas, covering canvas, billboards, raincoats, frontlit and backlit¡Ketc. Monthly production output can reach up to 1.5 million yards to meet the domestic and foreign customer¡¦s needs.
Through innovations and the efforts of the management team and all of the employees, Chang Tai creates a turning point for sustainable operation in the industrial fabric, laminating tarpaulin friendly moulded pulp industries.
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